Our School


One School Two Sites

Prestige Preparatory School is located in a charming area of Kitengela, across two sites and with transport to service the wider Kitengela, Kajiado, Athi-River and Mololongo Areas. 


The school was founded in 2011 by Winifred Mutiso the Director. The current site benefits from the use of an excellent building with 2 large secure play areas that caters for children from Play Group to Pre-Primary.


The School is currently undergoing expansion and building a brand new School that will be home to the Lower and Upper Primary School. The new school will be part of the already established and very successful Prestige Preparatory School, reflecting the same high aspirations for our cn as the current school, with learning at the centre of all we do embedded in a culture of respect, friendship and excellence.


At Prestige, our experienced and skilled teaching staff work together as a team to guide your child through their academic journey. We provide a good ratio of adults to children, where children enjoy a variety of play activities and develop skills. The centre focuses on developing useful skills for the future in the key areas of literacy and numeracy and early years computer skills.


The Curriculum

We offer the new 2-6-6-3 Education Curriculum for Early Years Education, Lower Primary and Upper Primary School education.

The Early Years Education is comprised of two years of pre-primary and three years of lower primary school education. This is followed by three years of upper primary school education.

Pre-Primary : PP1 and PP2)

At Pre-Primary over 2 years (PP1 and PP2) the students undertake the following activities:

  1. Language Activities
  2. Mathematical Activities
  3. Environmental Activities
  4. Psychomotor and Creative Activities
  5. Religious Education Activities


Lower Primary : Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3

Lower Primary

Lower Primary

The students join lower primary in grade 1 (at about 6 years of age) and over the next 3 years they will study: 

  1. Literacy
  2. Kiswahili Language Activities
  3. English Language Activities
  4. Indigenous Language Activities
  5. Mathematical Activities
  6. Environmental Activities
  7. Hygiene and Nutrition Activities
  8. Religious Education Activities
  9. Movement and Creative Activities

Upper Primary : Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6

Upper primary is a three year programme where students are exposed to a broad curriculum and given an opportunity for exploration and experimentation.


Between grade 4 to 6 the students will learn:

  1. English
  2. Kiswahili
  3. Home Science
  4. Agriculture
  5. Science and Technology
  6. Mathematics
  7. Religious Education (CRE)
  8. Creative Arts
  9. Physical and Health Education
  10. Social Studies



11. Foreign Languages (Arabic, French, German, Mandarin)